These are all some site links of me buddzies from deviantArt and SheezyArt as well as other links.

Nexus of Worlds- Site by LadyLaguna. It's really cool, take a looksie! She's super awesome. =3

Meganu Bunny HQ- Meganu Bunny's site. Her comics are really funny and her art's so cute!

Miss Dynamite- Sirkowski's homepage with his creation, Miss Dynamite. Never heard of her? *GASP* Go look then!

Index of Talon- Meh buddy's storage. Go Joshie. X3
sA-Grayscale Rain-Josh's gallery.

Fighting Games and Comics Oekaki- Oekaki site runned by In-Sane-O.

Anthonius's homepage! He's hosting another page of mine! Thanks Arty!

The Ultimate Pink Raven pawaPoinkRaven's homepage. Her art cracks me up. XD Justin Green's homepage. His art like... pwns.

Foxxpad-Kenfoxx's homepage. It's still under construction. ^^;

dA- Nalem- Mah dA gallery!

Team Artail- Although I don't have a page here, alot of friends of mine post here.

Jack- Comic that inspired me to make a webcomic.

Jaganzoku- It's like my brother site or something. I guess. XD

Khamsin- Liz's(dA friend and RP buddy's) comic page.

Ultra Publications-Clovis Dye's (along with others) from the RP's homepage.

Newgrounds- What can I say? I love flash movies. God, I'm such a LOSER. -_- The comic's advertised here. ^^;

Whew, so many links!I hope I didn't forget anyone. Forgive me if I have!

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